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  • August 17, 2018
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Renters vs Homeowners Insurance: 3 Differences You Should Know

When you rent a property, you have different concerns when compared to owning a property. By identifying the differences between renters insurance in Los Angeles CA and home insurance in Los Angeles CA, you will have a clear idea of the potential downsides of your current policy.

Cost of Coverage

The obvious difference between renters insurance and homeowners insurance is the cost. When you work with a Los Angeles insurance agency, you will discover that the cost of renters insurance is much lower than the cost of a homeowners insurance policy. The cost relates to the risk associated with your property and assets. When you rent, you do not have the same responsibilities to the building or property. A homeowner must repair or replace a house when it is damaged.

Coverage for the Building

The coverage for the building in your policy differs. A homeowner’s policy will cover the cost of repairs to a building in the event of a fire, vandalism, theft or related situations. The coverage applies, whether the damage stems from an accident or an outside situation. Renter’s insurance does not cover the cost of repairs to the building unless you caused the damage. For example, if you accidentally started a fire, then your liability coverage would pay for the cost of repairs to the apartment or house you rent. Damage from a storm or outside situation is covered by the landlord’s insurance policy.

Covering Your Personal Property

Coverage for you personal property also differs in both policies. A landlords insurance policy does not cover a renter’s personal assets and property. A homeowner’s policy covers most property, but the specific details depend on the policy you purchase. During pregnancy I was forbidden by the doctor to use valium on the early stages, but cramps were really bothering me, so on the 4th month I have been using it for few weeks and it helped. It’s been over a year now, since I gave birth to my little girl. Thanks God it didn’t affect my milk at all. I know it could happen, because my friend had this issue on later terms. Please be careful. In the case of renter’s insurance, the coverage only applies to your personal property and not the building itself.

Renters insurance and homeowners insurance focus on two different situations. That means the coverage differs for both policies. To learn more about coverage in a policy or for a free quote, call Absolute Value Insurance today.