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  • August 3, 2018
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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance in Los Angeles is an important part of protecting your assets. Though you want the coverage for your motorcycle, you may discover some unexpected surprises in your coverage or policy.

It Covers a Variety of Leisure Vehicles

When you work with a Los Angeles insurance agency, you may discover that your motorcycle insurance covers a few surprise vehicles. Depending on the policy, you may have coverage for an ATV, a scooter or even your golf cart. Your insurance policy is not limited to a motorcycle, so you should discuss the coverage for your vehicles before you assume that you need a separate policy for a leisure vehicle.

Your Coverage Helps With Unexpected Costs

Taking a road trip means you want to plan for the worst-case situation. In some cases, your motorcycle may break down on the road and leave you stranded in an unexpected location. Your Los Angeles motorcycle insurance may offer a solution for the unexpected stop on your trip. Depending on the details in your policy, you may have coverage for a trip interruption. That means you are covered for towing, lodging, transportation and your meals if you are stranded due to a problem with your motorcycle.

A Policy Covers Your Protective Gear

Protective gear plays an essential role in your safety when you ride a motorcycle. You need a helmet and other gear to reduce your risk of injuries. In many cases, a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy covers the cost of replacing your gear.

Motorcycle insurance is more than just coverage against accidents, theft and other common risks. It offers coverage for some unexpected surprises and it helps with a variety of situations. To learn more about the coverage available for your motorcycle in Woodland Hills, call Absolute Value Insurance for a free quote today.