• November 17, 2017
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Three Awesome Hacks for Buying Life Insurance

Buying a life insurance plan is an essential part of protecting your loved ones. By using a few tricks, you can purchase the right policy for an affordable rate that fits your plans for the future.

Get a Quote from Absolute Value Insurance

Before selecting a life insurance policy, you want a quote to ensure that the rate fits your budget. At Absolute Value Insurance, you have several options available as term-life policies, whole-life policies and universal life policies. Get a quote for different policies to determine the best fit for your family and goals. 

In most cases, the type of policy depends on your situation and concerns. Term-life policies are ideal when you want coverage for a set time period to protect loved ones from specific financial burdens. Whole-life policies work well when you do not want to renew the policy and want to lock in a specific premium. A quote from Absolute Value Insurance helps you clarify the costs and maintain your budget.

Send a Check with Your Application

Sending a check with your application for an insurance policy helps with short-term concerns. While the underwriting process may take a few weeks, a check allows the company to provide a temporary insurance receipt that provides coverage until you are approved or denied a policy.

Consider a Larger Policy

Purchasing more coverage than you initially planned may seem unnecessarily expensive in theory, but you do have deals available when you buy a larger policy. Life insurance policies are priced according to a cost per thousands of dollars process. When you add more coverage, you may notice a steep reduction in the cost per thousands that makes a larger policy more affordable than you expect.

Buying a life insurance plan gives you confidence in the financial stability of your loved ones. The key is clarifying your coverage requirements, obtaining a quote and ensuring that you have the right policy for your concerns.