• April 20, 2018
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Boat Insurance: Four Reasons Why You Should Insure Your Vessel

Did you buy a new boat? Are you unsure about how to protect your asset from unexpected challenges? Purchasing boat insurance for your vessel offers a solution to help give you peace of mind. Recognizing the reasons you want to purchase an insurance policy will help you maintain your asset.

Limiting Liability Risks

Boat insurance in Los Angeles protects you from liability expenses. Liability coverage falls into two categories: accidents with other vessels on the water and injuries to a guest on your boat. If you get into an accident and damage another boat, then your policy will cover the costs. If a guest slips and falls on your boat, then your coverage will also help with their medical expenses.

Protecting Your Property

The obvious coverage on your boat insurance policy is property coverage. The policy will pay for damages to your boat in an accident. Whether you accidentally get too close to the shore, hit a rock or get into an accident, the policy may offer coverage to fix your vessel. It may also cover your property from storm damage or similar concerns.

Limiting Costs of Medical Expenses

An accident on your boat may lead to physical injuries. Your insurance policy helps protect against high-cost medical bills. It pays for your medical costs from accidents on your boat. It also covers passengers on your vessel if a boating accident causes an injury to another person.

Assistance for an Emergency

Emergencies range from accidents to unexpected problems with your engine. If you are stuck out in the water, then your insurance will cover the cost of towing services. It allows you to feel comfortable on the water because you can contact appropriate authorities for help in an emergency.

Protecting your vessel starts with finding the right insurance policy for your situation. To learn more about different policy options for your vessel or for a free quote for boat insurance, contact Absolute Value Insurance today!